Product Photography Singapore

Unlike corporate portrait photography, shooting product may require more attention to detail. Most people underestimate the effort it takes to shoot an inanimate product. However, as a highly sought after professional photographer, Johna embodies the finesse of bringing a lifeless object to life.

Johna is committed to the process of drawing out your brand’s story and identity from the photographed product and as a result, embarks on a partnership of creating photography shoot ideas that best embodies your product and brand. This sets him apart from other commercial photographer who simply photograph the item.

Product Photography Singapore

His commercial photography background has also skilled him in knowing the best lighting setup for your product, whether it should be in a studio shot or using natural light. Furthermore, his patience and detail oriented qualities guarantee outstanding portraits of your products.

Johna is not undermined by the size and type of products. He has photographed industrial products like furniture to lifestyle products like jewellery and cosmetics. Through injecting different aesthetic forms to the various products.

Johna has been constantly hailed as the best product photographer among clients such as Sony, SKII, Hitachi, Clarins, Guinness and many more. Thus, hesitate no further to find out more about his affordable product photography services and rates.


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34 year old Singaporean guy, with a huge love for friends, family, food and travel. Photographer and Food Connoisseur.
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