If you are a food blogger, then you must have already realised the paramount significance of delightful food photographer. These alluring photographs are like the bread and butter for any food blog. They serve as successful strategic selling points which can make you wish to reach through the screen and gorge on those delectable dishes. Food photographs need to be visually appealing, crisp, bright and enticing.

Food Photographer

If you wish to make it big as a food blogger, then you must know the art of capturing perfect food clicks. Always keep in mind that we human beings initially taste a food item with our eyes and not our tongue. Yes, you read that, right! A dish that appeals to us through its colour, texture and appearance, strikes the chord of our heart and we feel compelled to relish every bit of it, using all our senses.

At present, food blogging as an industry is on its rise, especially in Singapore. Hence, food photographer Singapore is a popular career option in that region. There are so many institutes as well as online courses which offer top-notch quality food photography Singapore. Whether you want to become a renowned food blogger or capture ravishing pictures of the food as a professional food photographer, there are several tips and tricks which will help you taste success in life. Wish to become a prolific food photographer? Then, this blog is the best thing you will ever come across.

Tips for beginners to learn and hone up food photographer skills

  • Natural light does wonder: Overhead lights or lamps can never bring in the magic which natural light can weave instantly. Always try clicking your food photographs under natural light.
  • Multiple angles ensure the best click: Angles do not just matter in your Mathematics book. The right angle can actually accentuate the level of your photography. Always remember that you should use different angles to click photographs of different food items. 
  • Declutter your subject: There is no space for anything which does not add value to your food photographer. So, try to make your photography subject clutter-free by keeping aside those tissues, napkins or spoons.
  • Do not forget to move around: Moving around is necessary not just for your physical health but also for improving the quality of your photograph as well. It helps you identify the best light source and hence always experiment with places like your bedroom, balcony, stairs, lawn, backyard and do not restrict yourself to your kitchen only.
  • Getting the right gadget- It is not always necessary that you splurge on a high-end camera to capture the best food images. If you know your basics, even a point-and-shoot camera will come a great way with you. All you need to do is to know the different settings of the camera by heart, and you are sorted! Once you master the skill of clicking some amazing pictures with your old gadget, switch to a DSLR camera. 
  • The perfect lens: Compact fixed lenses are the best if you are trying your luck as a food blogger or a food photographer. They enable the photographer to have better control over the depth of field as well as allow him/her to be more flexible while shooting. This is possible because fixed lenses, more often than not, offer wider apertures, thereby dramatically enhancing the beauty of the photograph.
  • Other necessary equipment: If you wish to learn food photography, then do not forget to use a few important tools and equipment. They will enhance the overall aesthetics and elegance of your food photograph. Get yourself reflectors and diffusers to block away unnecessary noise in your pictures. Cheap white foam boards can serve as a great tool to reduce shadows and bounce light back on your plate. A good quality tripod helps you to click that high-quality photograph without making it blurry or grainy.

Make sure you use these highly effective tips and tricks to click those drool-worthy food photographs that can instantly bring in foodgasms to your audience!