The value of any product grows by leaps and bounds if it is clicked correctly. Consumers tend to place their trust in products that look visually appealing. Hence, professional product photography plays a great role in boosting marketing strategies and elevating the sales of any product.

If you are a budding product photographer based in Singapore and wish to hone up your skills, this blog will be of great help to you. If you are eager to learn and enhance your knowledge, read on!

professional product photography in Singapore

Tips to take your product photography skills to pro level:

  • Plan well in advance: If you wish to enhance your efficiency, learn to be organised. Create an elaborate plan about your studio space, assistants, product shipments etc., way ahead of your shoot date. Advanced planning always leads to consistent production rates and heightened image quality.
  • Create a list of different image views: Always group the products as per their image views. Different camera and lighting set up is necessary for different image views. So, try grouping products according to views. In the long run, this habit will result in improved productivity and enhanced image quality.
  • Implement methodical product flows: Product photography involves multiple stages –receiving the products, prepping them up, doing the actual photography and then waiting for the image approval. Hence, it is of utmost significance that you keep the flow smooth and methodical. A methodical product flow results in decluttered studio space, minimal product handling and easy access to all products and equipment.
  • Group the products as per their weight and size: Being a professional product photographer, you must be already knowing the fact that the lighting, camera and other requirements will vary steadily with the weight and size of the products. You will also require different resources for them. To reduce your workload, group the products according to their weight and size so that you know way ahead about equipment and resource requirement.
  • Manage your cables like a pro: You already know how messy it gets with all the cables from different equipment and gadgets. They clutter up your studio and are scattered all over your place. You won’t be able to move freely within your studio and take clear shots. The last thing you want is to trip down while taking a shot and ruining the image as well as damage your gadgets. Always use efficient cable management to stay away from this mess. There are so many options available out there in the market. Choose one as per your requirement and budget.
  • Keep your studio neat and clean: Stay away from the 3 D’s – dirt, debris and dust. They can damage your equipment and gadgets. Also, a dirty lens will never yield the photograph that you want so badly. Always set up your studio a bit far from the main traffic. Maintain your photography equipment and gadgets like prized possessions. Do not let the dust settle upon them.

Go for acrylic/Plexi tables and props: Almost all the high-end product images require a completely white background. So, try using clear or translucent table-tops. Also, go for plexi or acrylic props.

Product photography requires lots of discipline and a sharp creative mind. If you wish to taste success as a professional product photographer, you should display a sense of extreme professionalism and perfection, just like Johna, from Johna Photography. He creates magic with his cameras and has done professional product photography for multiple renowned brands in Singapore. Follow these tips and tricks and check out Johna’s works to know how he slays as a product photographer.