5 Tips for a Corporate Photoshoot in Singapore


Besides shooting food photography regularly, I am sometimes tasked to do corporate photography shoot as well.

Shooting people is very different from shooting food. Unlike food, where you have the time to style and make it look good. It is a different ball game when it comes to shooting corporate portrait photography. Most of the time, you have limited time when it comes to taking pictures of a CEO/director.

Being a professional photographer for many years, I have gained a certain amount of experience. Below are a few tips I share to a having a smooth corporate photoshoot.

Tip 1: Have a Photo Assistant.

No man is an island. If your budget allows, always cater for an assistant. You don’t want to be lugging the 9 feet background seamless paper, light-stands, strobes, camera and laptop all by yourself. Over-time, you are going to face with back problems from all those years of carrying of equipment. Another important thing is to make sure your assistant is physically fit. Otherwise he/she will not be of much help to you.


Tip 2: Have a Make-up Artist.

Most of the time your clients are unfamiliar with the importance of having make-up. It is your duty to educate them the importance of having make-up. The image quality in a camera is ever-changing. The resolution and technology improves every year. The flaws and imperfections will be magnified if there is no make-up. More importantly, there will be less post production needed after the shoot is done.


Tip 3: Bring along a make-up kit.

Due to budget constraints these days, some clients may not see the need for a make-up artist. Nonetheless, you should bring a mirror, comb and some hairspray as a backup. These are essential when conducting a professional photoshoot. You wouldn’t want your CEO to have his/her hair looking messy. 


Tip 4: Play some music.

Most of your clients are from corporations who may be awkward in front of the camera. Always make them feel at ease. Talk to them like a friend and maybe play some music to make the atmosphere comfortable to warm them up. Jokes are great to bring out more smiles from them too. The best images comes from the person within.

Tip 5: Bring some clips and pegs.

Sometimes the wardrobe they have may not be the most fitting. The jackets that the men put on may seem too baggy. Of course they can either have a change of wardrobe but the easiest way is to clip their clothes from the back. These clips may seem like nothing but they can be a saviour when you needed them most. They will save you from the hours of post production work you might have to go through. Therefore always throw some clips into your bags. 

These tips are just a few examples of what can be done prior to a shoot. Keep on shooting.



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