All You Need to Know About Food Photography In Singapore.

Food Photography is part of a broader niche compared to corporate photography and other visual mediums. It also plays an important role in the way we crave for such foods. Making food visually attractive started when the recipe books introduced an innovative way of doing things. I really don’t know the exact historical background on this, but I certainly know that some books were written just in plain text; before some publishers introduced illustrations to give a better understanding on the looks of the dish, as well as the desire for them.

In the following words we’ll briefly discuss some basic points that you need to consider for creating wonderful food photography that you’ll love, and will make people crave for more.

Camera, Lights and Food Photo shoot

1) Food Styling

The most important thing about food photography, is making things look good and desirable. There are many freelance photographers that knows this so well, that they have specialised in just making food look better. This discipline is called Food Styling, and after watching some unraveling mysteries behind making food look good, we can start to imagine how complex this may be. This is the main reason why some photographers joint venture with food stylers instead of learning all the tricks behind the job.

Food Stylers have a vast experience in picking the right subject to be photographed, or “hero” as they called them. They have very well kept secrets as well when it comes to makeup and mimicking textures or cooking looks. That’s the main reason why you should get a solid relationship with a food styler if you are planning in becoming professional about food photography services.

Man styling a burger

2) Colors in Food Photography

The biggest character of Food Photography, is color. Color is that beautiful garnish that makes thing sizzle and drizzle together in order to make everything desirable. Eating is one of the basic instincts of our nature, and when something just doesn’t looks tasty, we won’t desire it. It is important that you learn about food theory, not so much for the psychological character of it, but to make good color arrangements that will look good once presented to the viewers.

Working with complementary colors and maneuvering adjacent colors, is fundamental for crafting visually appealing menu design with striking and great looking contrasts.


3) Composition and Lighting

We are still talking about photography, and you should not get off the track of both composition and lighting. Composition is known to be one of the most important elements in photography. The most tangible characteristic of photography if you like. Composition is demanded by the readers’ eyes, and you as a professional photographer are responsible of deciding how and which of the elements are inside one shot. And lighting is the paint of this canvas, don’t forget about it, and also don’t you ever forget a tripod when doing serious professional photoshoot.

Cabonara Pasta